Arthritis and the Benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil

Arthritis and the Benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil

Have you considered CBD hemp oil for arthritis relief?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is all the desire these days, used for the treatment of anything from cancer to arthritis to inflammation & depression. Some modern studies have shown that it may become a perfect solution for relieving the inflammation and joint pain caused by different types of arthritis as well.

CBD contains extracts from a plant named hemp. People all around the USA have started using it for relieving the depression and chronic pain. But the experts still not sure about the dosage that what amount can effectively help the individuals facing arthritis.

In this article, we gather a vast information about Arthritis and CBD and other benefits of full spectrum Hemp CBD oil.

By the end of this guide, you will have a better understanding of whether CBD is a successive treatment for chronic pain and arthritis and does it really relieve symptoms?

What is arthritis and its types:

Arthritis is the main reason behind the disability all over the world. It is found that Arthritis has infected more than 100 millions of people to date. There are two most common types of arthritis which are:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis:

This is an autoimmune disease where an individual’s immune system attacks their joints that results in causing inflammation. Rheumatoid arthritis mostly infects the feet and hands which results in swollen, painful, and stiff joints.


Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that infects the bones and joint cartilage, resulting in stiffness and pain. Osteoarthritis mostly infects thumb, knee, and hip joints.

Some experiments on the animals state that the CBD could be helpful to cure any type of arthritis and to relieve the associated chronic joint pain.

A review from an infected women shows that CBD helps her in relieving the arthritis pain.

Where does CBD come from?

The cannabis plant is used by mankind for at least 6.6 thousand years from now and after a brief study on it, the researchers have found more than 400 chemicals on a cannabis/hemp plant while more than 100 between them are cannabinoid entities. These entities are very helpful for curing different medical conditions.

It’s very first compound Cannabinol isolated in 1899, the second compound Cannabidiol (CBD) was found in 1963 and after one year of further studies, the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) was isolated and assumed as a main active compound responsible for the psychoactive effects. These chemicals are used medically to help cure severe diseases like epilepsy, glaucoma, inflammation, arthritis, immunity, nausea, appetite loss, mental health, and cancer.

What is CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of the 100+ cannabinoid entities found in the hemp plant. It is used by mankind for thousands of years to cure symptoms of several health problems. Today, a huge number of medical professionals, scientists, and researchers from all around the globe has briefly tested and confirmed the effective therapeutic behavior of CBD.

The two main and most studied cannabinoids are CBD and THC where THC is a psychoactive compound. But unlike its relative that is named as tetrahydrocannabinol THC, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound which provides you all the essential benefits of cannabinoid without fabricating the highness.

In modern times, CBD is used in the treatment of various severe health conditions like anxiety, stress, chronic pain, arthritis, and mental disorder. A large number of medical professionals appreciate the contribution of CBD in medical sciences because it really cures symptoms of different health problems.

How CBD works

Experts believe that the CBD oil interrelates with the receptors in Endocannabinoid system of a human’s body which were discovered in 90s (CB1 and CB2).

CBD contains a lot of curative properties such as anti-anxiety, an anti-inflammatory which helps in minimizing the symptoms of pain and mental stress.

CBD collaborates with our body in a number of ways. But the most useful and common way of its effects is, CBD interconnects with different chemical compounds of our body which we called Endogenous Cannabinoids and further classified as Endocannabinoids. These Endocannabinoids are essential parts of our circulatory and regulatory system which we called Endocannabinoid System.

Endocannabinoid System

The Endocannabinoid System helps to regulate several physical and psychological processes like mood, stress, hunger, blood pressure and metabolism. For some reason, if our Endocannabinoid system stops working or doesn’t work properly, then it may cause some severe health problems like mental disorder, blood pressure, inflammation, and many more.

CB1 as the first receptor was discovered in 1988 and after a few years, the second receptor CB2 was discovered as a major part of our nervous system in 1993. This discovery leads to more researches and tests, hence acknowledged that these receptors aren’t found only in animals but also placed in hundreds of other species including humans.

CBD attaches with CB1 and CB2 receptors and delivers exceptional results. It effectively minimizes the symptoms of chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, and many other serious health problems without getting the side effects of medical drugs and pharmaceutical medicines.
How CBD help Arthritis?

Some introductory research states that CBD may relieve the symptoms of arthritis pain. Some studies on animals which may not fit a human have shown dramatic results as CBD perfectly relieved the inflammation and arthritis pain.

The first test of using CBD to treat rheumatoid arthritis happened in 2006. After that test experts resulted that, just after a few weeks CBD reduced inflammation and chronic pain and also improved the sleep. While all the side effects were ignorable.

While on the other hand, it is also tried with humans having rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis in 2016. The results are unbelievable, as CBD improved the sleep and lessens the pain for both types of arthritis. Just because studies were small, it did not get the proper popularity.

A recent study showed that CBD is really effective for curing knee Osteoarthritis alone and it appears as it is safe to use. As Dr. Daniel Clauw says that all the side effects of cannabinoids are caused by THC not CBD.

While all the research is very admirable, but more research and studies are still needed where a large number of humans would participates. This is for fully understanding the results and consequences of CBD on Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis.

What Research Says:

CB2’s relation with the immune system of a human’s body give all the answers of why CBD helpful for people suffering from the inflammatory and painful types of arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Modern medical researchstates that some of the patients found relief from chronic pain caused by arthritis using CBD, but it is recommended only to use as an addition to medicines. Please don’t use it as a first-line cure.

What is Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound naturally found in the hemp plant mostly known as marijuana and hemp. CBD has the ability to provide meaningful support to our communication system which is responsible for regulating various functions throughout our body.

The nonpsychoactive behavior of CBD combines with organic MCT carrier oil for making it a great and safe option for the specific patients who want relief from the pain, anxiety, and other severe conditions without getting mind-altering effects of medical drugs.

So we named it Full Spectrum Hemp CBD oil. It connects with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system of a human’s body and improves the nervous system. According to modern research endocannabinoids in the body regulates various functions like mood, metabolic process, sleep, and memory.

There are a lot of different varieties of CBD oil products in the market. These products are available in various forms like tinctures, sprays, capsules, salves, and cream. Here at NOLAPRIME we are offering NOLAPRIME Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil which is made with the certified organic ingredients and contains very low amount of THC. We also offer Full Spectrum gummies.

Other benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil:

As we know, CBD provides a large number of health benefits. Many people use CBD for the treatment of several medical challenges like Arthritis, Inflammation, chronic pain, and to manage their diabetes.

Below we listed some of the most reported health benefits of CBD for you:

Helps relieving chronic pain:

The most known benefit of CBD is its pain relieving property. CBD incorporate with THC to offer an instant pain relief without any unfavorable side-effects in victims of serious medical conditions like multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Among hundreds of cannabinoids, CBD and THC are the most prevalent cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Because of its pain relieving nature, CBD is often recommended by medical professionals and physicians to individuals who are suffering from inflammation and chronic pain to help reduce their pain.

CBD for Inflammation:

CBD plays a vital role in minimizing the inflammation.  CBD acts to fight against the inflammation and its associated oxidative stressin various ways as it activates the glycine receptors. CBD contains natural anti-inflammatory properties which helps in reducing the levels of white blood cells and forces pain and inflammation to disappear quickly.

After some researches and experimentson animals, researchers states that CBD oil relieves pain and nerve damage in rat osteoarthritis.

CBD for Heart Health:

CBD has been reported as having a positive effect in removing oils that are present in the cardiovascular system in human. Hence, it helps in improving the heart health and benefits our circulatory system. It also helps in reducing high blood pressure.

CBD restores the antioxidant processes like improving the health of the system and also reduce the extra cholesterol. Besides this, it is reported that CBD may be helpful in addressing some serious health problems like heart attacks and stroke.

CBD Improves Appetite:

It is observed that people who use any form of CBD have notably increased appetites. Thanks to the modern research which help us understanding that CBD encourages hunger. At the same time it refreshes our digestive system to make it able to perform normally.

CBD to Reduce Anxiety and Depression:

Depression and anxiety are the most common causes of mental health conditions, because depression delivers a destructive effect on the health of a well human being. W.H.O. states that the depression is the largest reason of mental disability and mental disorder worldwide.

CBD is a well-known source for treatment of the symptoms of depression. CBD produces a sense of calmness and also helpful for reducing stress, releasing the pressure, relaxing the mind, and getting away from the depression and anxiety.

Cure Cancer:

Cancer societies around the world reported that cancer is the number one cause of death every year. After valuable researches and studies, it is found that using full spectrum hemp CBD oil can be helpful in treating neuropathic pain, nausea, and vomiting and these are the main symptoms of cancer.

Modern studies have shown that CBD can surprisingly slow down the growth of cancer cells and reduces the size of tumors in some forms of cancer. While on the other hand, it is recommended to consider every medical practice and care before start using CBD.

How to use:

Unfortunately, the FDA has authorized the use of CBD only for two rare and severe types of epilepsy. It is not authorized to cure chronic pain or arthritis yet.

Besides this, our professional medical experts recommend that you should consider it with your physician or doctor before taking a single dose of it.

Below are some of the recommendations from a professional doctor, if you want to try CBD for the treatment of arthritis:

  • Take low doses that work perfectly for pain relief.
  • Try a product having a minimum amount of THC.
  • In the beginning, take a small dose at night.
  • Increase the dosage slowly if needed.
  • Don’t use without the recommendation of a professional pharmacist or a doctor if you are 25 years old or younger because people of this age have the highest risk of addiction.


According to highly cited researchers, a typical dosage can be calculated as 1-2mg of CBD per every 10lbs body weight and a maximum dose of 5 mg per 10lbs per day.

It is most important to get started with a small dose because a small amount of it will take a long time to begin the effects.

Is it Legal?

Because of the growing popularity of CBD, medical professionals raised a lot of questions regarding the healing power of CBD. Which results, in June 2018 when the FDA approved the Cannabidiol (CBD) for medicinal purposes.They approve a pure medical CBD formulation to cure two major diseases Dravet syndrome and Lennox syndrome.

The FDA gave the official approval for CBD-based medicines so, this was approved for the first time after 80+ years of ban. After the approval of CBD as medicine, The DEA classified pure medical CBD formulation as Schedule V drug.

The DEA kept the whole plant as an illegal drug but they stated that the medical cannabidiol is the only cannabinoid which is good for health and the remaining plant is still destructive.

Our Recommendations

If you are considering of using CBD for the treatment of a health problem, it is important to learn about all the possible side effects and unfavorable reactions by discussing your health issues with your physician/doctor because your health should be your basic priority.

So, it is recommended to consult with your doctor before taking a single dose of CBD for any of the medicinal purposes. Because the more you informed about your health, the more confident you will about managing your illness in the future.

Just ask your physician about all the advantages, effectiveness, and side effects of medical CBD and ensure if it is good for your health or not.

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